Work in progress in Australia: the charme of modern Odysseys

Months of fieldwork, planning, learning, and discoveries.. by the ocean
After participating to three group exhibitions in Darwin in the last months of 2012, I moved on to plunge again - like I did the year before - into nature and environments far from technology and any kind of media - some of the most interesting niches to find hidden treasures and inspiration.

As always, stories popped up on my path that crossed many other ones, discovering new and genuine ways of life, mostly connected to sea communities. If before the sceneries were the ones of the remote Aboriginal communities of East Arnhem Land, this time I got involved with sailing events and boat dwellers, exploring - and falling in love - with the simple lifestyle of people who choose to live with less and in closer contact with the natural elements.

Many hints came - and are still coming - in this itinerary that hopped from modern local sea knowledge to conscious waste disposal and organic choices, ending up in new forms of nomadic lifestyles.

The research continues as I am developing new projects thanks to the input of the people who deliberately chose to open their doors and worlds to me so I could catch a glimpse of their fascinating present habits and future plans.
Working on seashore communities and modern sea gypsies, the new projects present the ocean as constant and fundamental background, and show why many people chose to live by it.

An ode to modern Odysseys.