Artistic Statement


My eyes.
My statements.
My emotional turmoil.
My window to two important and complementary dimensions, my inner and my outer self.
My perception of reality, and my interpretation of it.
An art.
An escape.
A trip.


Photography is a dialogue, a statement – to me and to the others. It is a tool for curious and multilayered self-expression, to show my point of view on the surrounding (surreal) reality.
I use photography as my third eye, my looking glass that allows me to enter things more deeply, a quick snapshot of the way things continuously change, but also a weapon to immortalize that instant forever. That is why I am fascinated by the moodiness and mystery of long exposures, natural light and high contrasts. That is the magic, the mystery: the interaction between photography and time, photography and light… more than a painting, more than a sentence, an image breaks through the cracks of the unconscious, underneath the lies that wants us to believe that there is nothing else apart from what we see… photography pierces through the eyes but its target and source are much deeper.


My main inspiration comes first and foremost from everything I see, feel and experience… as I always wrote (personal diaries, poems, articles, essays) to let those streams of emotions flow out, so I felt the need to catch the colours of a rainbow, the essence of a street, the delicate details of an expression…
My main influence has always been people, whether aquaintances or just passers-by… nothing thrills me more than faces, gestures, spontaneous and instinctive acts. I’ve grown up in cities and towns, so the flocks of pedestrians in the European alleys, the bars full of locals, the urban spaces brought me up. But I always tended towards nature and wilderness, the paths less walked, the words less said, the expressions hidden between the lines and the different cultures and environments… that is why I then sailed towards less known seas, going further and further and falling in love with foreign habits and languages, reportage and documentary. I like, among many others, the direct, precise style of Steve McCurry and the sincere anti-conformism and determination of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I feel like a nomad ready to unpack her tent every morning and get ready for a new adventure… I fed on that curiosity developed when you get in contact with spheres distinct from your own and every shot feels like a glimpse from an ajar door.
My interest bends towards the stereotypes of “difference”: the last ones, the emarginated, the poor, the unheard voices, the Indigenous peoples, the foreigners, the nomads, the explorers – each in their own way. They inspire me and remind me we should continuously question our making of the world through language, discovery and knowledge. Photographic intuition derives from empathising with all of this and it is fuelled by the impetuous desire to partake the stories that unfold around us.