Chiara Bussini was born in Perugia, Italy, where she lived until she was 20.

Her love for arts and travels led her to roam around Europe, North Africa, Asia and Australia and collaborate in documentaries, articles, book covers, short movies, lyrics translations, linguistic and photographic projects in several foreign countries.
She lived for one year with Aboriginal clans in remote islands off the Coast of the Northern Territory of Australia, collaborating with in the creation of a pictorial database and an Indigenous encyclopaedia with the target to preserve and pass on to future generations their highly endangered language, culture and traditions.
She has then fallen in love with the water realm and heading her career even more towards the water, as a diving instructor, sailor etc...
Nature and the pureness of certain moments are her main inspiration.

Carrying her camera everywhere, looking for new perspectives and stories, she is continuously eager to shoot, learn, try, travel and broaden her experience in photography and arts.